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Sep 27, 2015

Cadillac Road to Table Houston.

Cadillac invited me and some friends out to a unique experience. It included an intimate dinner and a ride in the new 2016 ATS Coupe from Cadillac. The night began at 1919 Wine and Mixology for light bites and mingling. My friends Grace and Will accompanied me and to my surprise, Grace also took the moment to ask me to be a bridesmaid! Of course I said yes. 
After the excitement off we went to Pax Americana for a complimentary 3 course dinner. How did we get there? 
Cadillac let us drive the Cadillac ATS. We got a pretty one to drive, the handle was very smooth and the details were pretty impressive. It picked up on vice commands very quickly to change the channels, and the seat even vibrated to let you know if you were too close to anything on your sides... That is a cool feature. 

Each table even came with a selfie stick, um hello? This event was amazing. I am known for not really liking American cars but I can honestly say this shattered a lot of the perceptions I had about them. This car was pretty nice and our coupe version starts at around $37,000. The exact model that we drove was $42,000. I can dig it.

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