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Sep 30, 2015

Joe V's Opening in Houston

Today the 7th location of Joe V's Smart Shop has opened in Houston. I had the pleasure of touring the space with Joe V himself to get a deeper look into the chain. Joe V's is a division of H-E-B and has been around for 5 years. Joe V's can be known for its low prices, great shopping experience and fresh products. They get 7 day deliveries, so that let's you know what you pick up on the shelf is a quality product.

A lot of people has different misconceptions with Joe V's Smart Shop. This store offers a cost conscious selection of items that include a mix of name brands and HEB store brands. There is also quality meat and seafood in addition to the fresh produce and bakery. What I admire is the staff of actual butchers that cut and grind the fresh meat daily. Don't forget the organics section, this location has a wall of organic produce and yes, at a way better price than Whole Foods.

In keeping with the theme of helping families budget groceries with consistent pricing, they offer a few bundle pack options for meat. Everything about this store screams great values. They even have a big box family size options at pricing comparable to Sam's and Costco, with the joy of not needing a membership. They also have a section of special buy items, I spotted Huggies diapers at $14 and a $6 blender. The special buys are here today, gone forever tomorrow, so if you see something good just go for it.
A unique thing about this location is the fact they do not except credit cards so Debit or cash only! You also bag your own groceries at the end of your transaction.
Joe V's generally with 15-20% off of your normal grocery bill so if you live near one, you should check it out. To find out more and a store near you check out: http://joevsmartshop.com/.

The newest location is at 6100 W. Fuqua in Houston! All locations are worth the drive.


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