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Sep 6, 2015

Fall Beauty: Introducing Mia

I have known Mia since I was 5. She has always been fabulous and a beauty Goddess. She always did my makeup for any special event, I'm sad she lives all the way in San Diego (or just Jealous) but we decided to team up and collab on beauty posts because she's AWESOME. 

For this collection of looks I really wanted to focus on how to balance wearing fall trends and fall classic pieces together!  Here I've partnered a bold deep purple lip with a soft neutral eye.
Skin prep:
Skin preparation is truly the most important part to achieving a flawless makeup application.  To begin I used a gentle exfoliator to remove any dead skin and get a smooth even surface.  Next I applied a vitamin c toner.  Toner is a must because it balances your skin so you don't get super oily or dry mid day plus it removes any traces of grime that your cleanser may have missed.  I follow my toner with an antioxidant serum to repair protect my skin from free radical damage. I mixed a few drops of liquid bronzer to my oil free moisturizer for an overall radiant glow! To complete my skincare regimine, I used a lightweight eye cream for hydration and it will help concealer blend easier! 

I know it seems like a lot of steps, however they are really essential because if you want to have beautiful makeup you have to start with great skin! 

I started with using a foundation primer.   A good primer will help your foundation blend better and stay put all day!   I applied a medium coverage liquid with a foundation brush and filed with concealer under the eyes for brightness!  Since strobing is a fun trend now I went with a peachy gold highlighter on my cheekbones and blended it with a warm orange blush.  This is one of my favorite cheek combinations!  

Eyes and Brows: 
I used a loose brow powder to fill in a few sparse areas and finished with a tinted brow gel.  This is my go to brow for a quick polished look for my naturally full brows.  
For the eyes I wanted to keep it simple and classic since the lip color is very bold. 
After applying an eyeshadow primer I used a warm brown shadow in my  crease then blended a nude shadow onto my lid.  To add a bit more dimension I worked a deep chocolate brown into the outer corner. I applied a very thin liquid black liner to the upper lashline for framing the eye. On the lower lash line I paired a nude liner on the inner rim with a purple pencil smudged underneath to complete the look. I chose this color palette because it's easy to wear and it will compliment your entire fall wardrobe!

I mixed a couple of colors together to get this deep smoky purple lip! Since I didn't have a liner to compliment this shade,  I used an eyeliner of a similar color for a liner.  Also to make the finish more matte, I pressed a translucent loose powder on top.

This is a great look to wear during the fall season plus by partnering a classic eye with a vivid lip trend you will look polished and chic! 

OK, BRB going to recreate this look. 
Be sure to follow Mia on her Instagram and Youtube Channel. 


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