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Dec 5, 2015


One of my goals a few years ago was to learn how to apply strip lashes. It used to seem so hard but I figured it out and have used a few different kinds over the past years. With the popularity of eyelash extensions I contemplate it and then think about how expensive the refills are and forget about it. I might try extensions one day, but until then strips are for me. 
An old blog friend of mine Ibriz now has a line of 100% mink lashes and sent me a few pairs... why are they my new favorite? Friendship aside, tell me these don't look awesome! Can Dipped have their own extension salon because I love the way these look. I have like no eyelashes so this full look really opens up the way my eyes look.
You can follow Dipped on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dippedcosmetics/

They carry three different styles. The packaging is super cute and we can't wait to create some holiday looks for you later this month!


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