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Dec 31, 2015


2015 went by quick but at the same time felt so long. So much happened this year from SDCC Conan Con to Day for Night.  From Meelo to Toshi. From growing in my career. Its been another fun year of memories, some good some bad. In 2016 im going to focus on more growth and doing things a little different.

At the end of January we are moving, so what screams change louder than a new/ nice neighborhood. I have a Houston A-Z lined up for you because......
I am no longer going by Malibumara in 2016. For now the URL will stay until I figure out a re-direct on the backend. Malibumara will operate as the company name. Love, Mara HTX is my new blog name. It's something I have wanted to do for a while but this year I am really pushing my love for Houston.
 I hope you have have a Happy New Year and thank you for sticking by me through all of these years!

Love, Mara


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