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Dec 30, 2015

Staying Healthy with Attune Probiotic Chocolate

Eat better, Feel Better.
As the New Year is steadily approaching I know being healthy is on everyones minds. (At least being healthy and working out is. ) Besides trying to work out more than 3 times a week snacking healthy is at the top of my list. Over the past year my doctor and I discovered that I might be developing heartburn. I generally feel sick after eating lunch at work and he said that is probably what it is. Since the food at work is pretty much not 5 food group, and my snacks aren't either... I should take a different approach.

So the best way to balance out weird stuff in your digestive system is with probiotics. I have mentioned them before and they also come in the form of chocolate. So this chocolate is more on the dark chocolate end of the spectrum so its already healthier than my normal afternoon Kit-Kat or Reeses.  Each bar has 5 times the active cultures as Yogurt. So this is my version of healthy snacking!



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