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Jan 12, 2016

Houston A-Z | I is for Inner Me

Have you heard of Inner Me studios before? They were recently voted the number three gym in Houston! I took a Beyonce Chair Dance class with my friend Nicki last year and it was quite the experience. I hadn't been in a dance studio in so long but it was fun to get back into it.
They have tons of fun classes from Pole Dance, Spin, Chair Dance, Hip hop, Zumba, Belly Dancing.... so much more. Check their schedule out to see what else. http://innermestudios.com/
They have a couple locations as well AND just launched an athletic apparel line.
A sneak peek, next month I am all about fitness. I am probably going to visit again but I'm not sure what class to take! I wonder if they will bring back the Beyonce series.
YAASS Queen Bee.

Love, Mara


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