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Jan 13, 2016

Houston A-Z | J is for James Turrell

James Turrell is from California... I know. At Rice University an installation called "Twilight Epiphany" is regarded as a "source of contemplation and wonder." Free to the public and is enjoyed during sunrise and sunset.

Image from Rice University
This video explains the space better than I ever could. If you have the time to get up early or swing through in the evening, I think this is a cool place to experience interactive art. I too, actually haven't gotten to experience this yet! I have been to Rice but never during this installation. It is on my summer bucket list.

It's also known as what Drake might have been dancing in while in the Hotline Bling Video. James Turrell also has a tunnel at the Museum of Contemporary art in Houston that I have walked through multiple times. That too is very Hotline bling. A week after that video came out many people went to the museum JUST for that!

Love, Mara

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