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Mar 4, 2016


As a girl on the go its kind of hard to not look worn out over time. For example, this past week I was on a work trip for a conference and was rushing here and there and all week every night was a rush to events all over town. At the age of 26 its important for me to start thinking of ways to prevent looking like I'm aging. I try to maintain a zen lifestyle but there are a few factors that get in the way.
For the past year I have sworn by Clarins double serum and the blush is my go to. Now I have a couple new steps that I think will be amazing to add to my routine.
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
Stress and lack of sleep leave a mark. The new Multi-Active cream for day and night are the perfect things to absorb all of my visible stress. Besides being antioxidant, uv protectant, it is also anti-pollutant. During the day, the day cream will make you look more smooth and toned while the night cream will appear more smooth and toned while waking up. I have the old Day and Night creams and if these are anything like that, I'm excited. I have only had these products for a week so tune in to the end of the month to see what my skincare routine evolves to. At $53 and $56, this is a steal for the size and quality of product. 
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos

They have updated the lip perfectors! They're now in a tube and way more pigmented than before. They're $25 and can quickly turn a matte color glossy. In the top right corner you will see the 4 new Rouge Eclat Lipsticks. I had 5 Rouge Eclat lipsticks last year and I used them all up. I don't have them anymore so this is a great addition to my make up kit. The colors are made of 100% plant waxes and help protect against dehydration, boosts collagen and fights the appearance of fine lines. The colors are Hot Rose, Pink Cherry, Pink Blossom, and my favorite Rose Praline. (Swatches in a later post! They're all pretty great.)
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
The UV Plus Anti-Pollution is now tinted! The best way to prevent aging is sunscreen and this provides a light level of coverage and will be perfect once summer rolls around. this not only is SPF 50 but also anti pollutant and protects against redness. It comes in 3 shades: dark, medium, and light. HELLO SUMMER!
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
This takes me back to playing with my mom's makeup. The new ombre Iridescente cream to powder shadows are new and genius. As someone who sometimes needs a quick pick me up on the go, this cream to powder shadow is perfect because it can be applied with your fingers. At $24 it comes in 3 colors, Silver Ivory, Silver Pink, and Silver Plum. 
all photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
Last but not least the Multi-Blush cream blush is $38 and also can be applied with your fingers. Its a rose wax that helps with dehydration and will illuminate the cheekbones. 

Stay tuned to see more swatches and my routine progress. I have had a great experience with Clarins in general so I'm sure it will be a good outcome!


All photos by Steve and Houston Event Photos
These products were given to me by Clarins, all opinions are my own so back up off me. 


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