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Mar 26, 2016

NKD SKN REVIEW : Tan Mousse and Liquid Tint

With the help of some friends, we all decided to get summer ready and test out NKD SKN, a self tanning system. I tried out the gradual glow daily tan moisturizer because... hello? Im half black! I do like a gradual tan in the summer because my legs and face get pretty pale in the winter so I like to bring a little color to my body so I can not look strange in shorts. The Moisturizer gives me a nice enhancement and I recommend it for anyone light-medium toned that wants to kind of even out their skin tone. Read more about our experiences below for some photos as well!

Below is a pretty good example of what Medium NKD SKIN mouse will effect your tone. My friend Mandy is pretty fair skinned and wanted a subtle glow for the Rodeo. This product comes with a mini mitt that we recommend when applying this product evenly. It dries fairly quick and does not color transfer to clothes or your sheets. Her medium mouse also did not have a scent. The color takes about 4 hours to appear and lasted about 4 days, then it started to fade. She applied it again and it lasted a little longer the second time.

My friend Lauren LOVES to spray tan. She already looks pretty tan but recommends this product to maintain her color in between spray tans.  Lauren also really liked how she was able to tan her feet more since when she sprays she wears spray tan booties. The liquid also didn't have a scent and was easy to apply. The liquid dried pretty quick and did not transfer to her clothes, major plus! Color transfer happens a lot with her spray tans. Another plus and because Lauren is fabulous she likes to soak and take baths. It did not effect her color, I think its a major win!
You definitely want to use the mitt for this one since it has a deep color.

In the meantime you can check out more of NKD SKN on their Instagram. They sell it at ULTA so check them out. The Mouse and Liquid are both $19.99.
I can't wait for summer. I actually tested out the Gradual Glow Daily Moisturizer and I really like it, I will be sharing my thoughts on it next week, so stay tuned.

This product was sent to be for review through NKD SKN. I thank all sponsors, without them this blog is not possible. All opinions are my own so back up off me. Special thank you to Mandy and Lauren AKA the Dream Team for testing out these products with me!


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