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Mar 28, 2016


Today was a crazy day in social media. How many people begged you to turn on post notifications today ? I just wanted to make it clear that I don't want to beg anyone to feel the need to turn on notifications to see my posts. CALM DOWN. Just like FB, the first couple posts when you log in will be an algorithm of things you might have missed... and then maybe like 6 posts down your feed will be chronological again.
In a world where everyone is saying blogging is dead... is the blog really dying? If something like rearranging of these posts shakes up the influencer world that much... is it really a reliable source of influence. My blog is not at the mercy of a shareholder, noone is going to rearrange how you will see my blog UNLESS  I REARRANGE HOW YOU SEE MY BLOG.
I appreciate everyone that follows me, and I thank you for always heading back here to see what I am up to.
I just wanted a rant a little because there is so much talk about is IG dying, is Snapchat a trend, is twitter losing money and wah wah wah.
No matter what channels you use, I'll always be here too.


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