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Apr 11, 2016


Its almost one of my favorite times of the year. The time where all nerds get together and bond for their love of all things comics, movies and TV. As a TV and Movie freak, it has been pretty fun attending the coveted SDCC to see Conan, The Walking Dead Cast, Hunger Games, Cast of Scream Queens.... so many more. Many, Many more. I really enjoy all of the games and guest experiences they set up to advertise for different shows, movies, and video games. The Xbox lounge is always a cool place to check out what video games that will come out soon. They always do a couple spoilers during the Con so it's always really cool to be a part of that experience.
Hotelpocalypse has come and gone, we avoided that drama with Early Bird Hotel selection. The randomizer sounded complicated up front so we decided not to take that chance. Either way, San Diego here we come!
I will be posting weekly con tips until we get to the big day! Now that we have a few under our belt I want to share some knowledge.
My dilemma is always what to wear.
The Rylo Ken and Coral tee are on my list of shirts I need to purchase for the days that I attend.
I am not one to dress up because thats not my thing, but I do enjoy seeing other peoples creativity and commitment when it comes to costumes. I on the other hand will stick to quirky graphic tees, cute bottoms and a dope, comfy sneaker.
Can it just be July? I have a few things to wrap up before July... but I at least have this to look forward to.


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