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Apr 10, 2016


Work week or work weak?
I am getting closer to turning over a new leaf and I am in better spirits these days! Things have been pretty dreary since about the end of January but it's time to spread these wings and unleash my potential. I can't wait to expand more on how work has made me feel lately, but soon I will. Lets just say I've reached that glass ceiling and I don't believe in glass ceilings.
So this past week I have attended a baby shower for a super sweet co-worker, been to the Pier to model for a work photoshoot, and trolled around Vegas for a work trip.
Can we just discuss Gyu Kaku? You get your own grill on your table to cook your food. Its pretty tasty and very unique and fun. The best thing is that there is one in Houston! I would love to go again.
So this coming week will be hectic, aside for development meetings at work... I'M GOING TO THE IVY PARK LAUNCH PARTY AT TOPSHOP. It starts before I have to be at work and I get to shop the line before everyone else. I am dying and super excited. I have no clue how much anything is so I have a feelings the only thing I will be able to afford is a headband. Either way I need to purchase something because BEY is queen. Side note, Lululemon needs to have a seat. They made a comment about how Ivy Park is copying Lululemon.  Lululemon is not the only person making tank tops and stretchy pants. Bye!



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