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Apr 7, 2016


My easy weekend throw on has been the denim tuxedo. I know this will change as soon as Texas heat comes in full force for the summer. Lately the weather has been cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and cold again at night. What is this the desert?!? I was busy running a couple weekend errands. The typical, grabbing groceries, getting my car washed, and this look was as casual as it gets. 
Want to know a secret? I love going to the grocery store but HATE how cold it is in there. I always feel like a freak in the summer wearing a cardigan in the store but I spend like forever just roaming around. Let me have my one moment. 
I recently picked up a pair of black espadrilles for my summer sole and it has not failed me yet. I know how played out Michael Kors is but that man makes the most comfortable shoes. I buy most of his flats because I travel a bit and I am always on the go. They're very durable and for trade shows, I can walk up a down many many aisles with no complaints. 

I'm waiting for summer, but as soon as it's here I will say I'm not ready. 

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