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Apr 30, 2016

Inside K Beauty

Korean Beauty is becoming a desired product trend in America but the roots of K Beauty are very interesting to me. In Korea there is a fascination with the idea of perfection. The desire for perfect features is more extreme than the American idea of beauty. It is very common to begin surgeries or procedures at 18. The lady featured talks about getting botox every 6 months since she was 18. She looks thin to me, but speaks of getting fat taken out of her body and placed in her cheeks. The video below chronicles some hotspots in Korea and an interesting look inside K beauty. I keep seeing people focus on just how cute the imported products are. While being super cute, the deeper story is something also worth sharing. I wish I would travel the world and talk about stuff like this. I never knew how big this industry is. 


In the video they mention the record label YG has their own beauty line and store. You already know I love YG, that is the home of CL one of my favorite Korean pop stars!  Below I list a couple products that you can purchase if you want to try some K Beauty! There are even some affordable Korean Beauty products that you can order on Amazon.
Korean Beauty Products

Tony Moly face care

Etude House lip treatment

Tony Moly eye care

Would you try anything?

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