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May 7, 2016


I have been MIA for a work trip but I must say today couldn't have come soon enough. I hope everyone had a great Cinco and May 4th! I was in Utah for short moment and boy I am dragging today.  So what went on for y work trip? Visiting one of my favorite vendors to tour their new facility and work on some projects for fall 2016. Work is generally mixed with play so we drove some ATV Razors... maybe we flipped one. Maybe I have a bruise and some scrapes but its all good! Nothing a lush bath bomb can't fix.
Can I just be a Dame Traveler? Why is Houston so flat? My mom is even in the Philippines right now. I wish I could have gone, but I do need to make it a point to head to that side of the world sooner than later.
Places on my list to visit: Egypt, Manila, Cuba, Africa, and Japan.
Lets make this happen!

 Also, a ton of beauty posts are coming! I have some collabs in the works. Sorry for the slow start to the month, I've been a little out of it like... all year.



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