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May 8, 2016

NKD SKN REVIEW: Gradual Daily Glow

Do you remember my review on the other NKD SKN products a few weeks back? During this spring to summer transition I have been using this gradual glow to bring a little more color to my legs. I obviously have a natural golden brown skin color, but during this phase my legs are a lot lighter than my face and arms. A lot of people of color have large pores so even though I shave my legs often, they will look prickly by the end of the day. The tan kind of helps even things out a bit. 
The moisturizer goes one pretty easy and the color appears about 4-8 hours after application. I never had problems with it streaking or transferring on my sheets. I put this on before sleeping a few times and never woke up with orange streaks. There is no smell but I do recommend wearing a mitten or glove to put this on because it did turn my palm orange.
It lasts about 5 days on me and is a sweet glow for my already medium skintone. Be sure to read part one to see how my friends looked after trying this product! We have a range of skintones in this test!


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