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Jun 8, 2016


One thing I have always folded into my beauty routine is different types of Asian products. From Henna lipstick to Fiberwig, Hada Labo, and now K beauty there is a lot to choose from and test out.A couple weeks ago I found a really cool product that intrigued me. Online a lot of products advertise snails and when I saw this sheet mask I decided to try it!
I love sheet masks because they are simple to use and are the perfect way to relax after a long day. Lioele has been a brand I have seen great results with so when trying a snail product this was a safe brand to try. If I do masks, I'll do one about every 10 days. Since the mask is in direct contact with the skin for 15-20 minutes I space them out. I recommend masks for unwinding and they are especially awesome for travelers! Traveling dries out your skin a ton so this mask specifically can help with that. Nothing more relaxing and weird than relaxng in a hotel room with a sheet mask on! Just hope the fire alarm doesn't go off. 
So, what do they mean by snail?
Snail Mucin to be exact. Basically this is a snail enzyme made of Glycolic acid and elastin. Its the same stuff snails use to heal the cuts on their soft bodies from rocks and other rough surfaces. With that being said,  this product does not have a smell. I didn't know what to expect when using it. The package says it helps with elasticity and whitens. This had a little brightening effect on me and really made my face look soft. After removing the Lioele mask no washing is needed, you just rub excess product into the skin and carry on. 
Overseas a lot of products are aimed at whitening. For me, most products that I have tested just make my face more even toned. Lioele has some moisturizers with brightening on the packaging but they have not made me look white!

I need to visit the Lioele store again, their masks work well with my body chemistry. I'll be sure to share anything unique I find! There is a lot out there that just looks cute but doesn't work or isn't worth it. I'll be very happy to share more products with you guys!



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