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Jun 15, 2016


Last week the newly renovated Saks in Houston had a fun beauty event! It follows the suit with the dedicated store spaces within Saks but there are also open counters in the open layout of the department.
It was fun learning more in depth about all of the brands. Here are 3 things that I am pretty enamored by at the Saks Beauty Department in Houston:
Chanel approached the female perfume in a way that can be translated as unisex. The perfumers idea was to do a females perfume that was the equivalent of wearing your boyfreind's shirt. What would a perfume smell like if you rocked something that belonged to your boyfriend? This perfume was that. I don't even like Chanel perfumes but this one is stuck on my mind. NEED.
So this was the last Artis brush kit left in gold. Only 1000 were made and they are really interesting. It was also $500 so I won't be purchasing this anytime soon but OMG. They are the evolution in makeup application. They are ergonomic so they actually can apply makeup more precisely as well as use less product during application. Each brush is soooo soft but precise and they are less harsh on your face. 
Every instagramers favorite candle. Diptyque also has a storefront at the ROD but if you are at Saks Diptyque has a large display available. For most holidays if you spend $100 there is a lady that will paint your perfume bottles or candles. I think that is a cute gift idea for the holidays, girrrlll  BRB while I learn how to paint on some candles. 


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