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Jul 4, 2016


HAPPY 4th of July! July always means Essence Fest and the rise of summer beauty. Since I'm not at Essence I can just pretend. The sun makes my skin tone like 3 shades darker so I have to change my makeup, the weather is crazy hot so the game plan changes in terms of hair and makeup, and the colors for products are so much brighter and more fun in the spring/summer. Its a great time to play around with new products.

Essence was sweet enough to send me 2 Essence boxes for June and I wanted to share what was inside with you guys. OMG can I share that I also got the May box but it was stolen from my front door! So glad this one arrived safe. I was so upset.
The Essence Beauty Box is a box that is geared towards, but is not exclusive to, women of color. Products in most mass boxes are not geared towards a darker skin tones or textured hair. This box helps solve that problem. Its always annoying stepping into a store and not seeing your shade or a lip color that won't wash you out. The curation of this box is great!  Aside from featuring products for people of color, Essence features a black owned business each month.

1. Jamberry Nails are a nail wrap that requires no dry time and can last up to 2 weeks. My mom actually uses these prior to me getting this box. Its really simple and there are over 300 wrap designs.
2. Madame CJ Walker Hair Duos- I'm anxious to try the Humidity Block Gel, its a non flaking gel that is Anti-humidity and prevents frizz. The Heat Styled Duo helps silken hair and provides hydration. I can't wait to use both. The Madame CJ walker collection in general can cater to every shade and texture on beautiful, it is very diverse.
3. Maybelline Matte Lip Color I already have 2 other colors, this purple was the perfect summer addition. It is very pigmented and not drying.
4. Vaseline intensive Cocoa Radiant Deep Conditioning creme You can never go wrong with a lotion vaseline. It leaves your skin looking radiant.
5. Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes are a wipe and cleanser perfect for refreshing after a day in this Texas heat.
6. NYX Cosmetics Blush leaves a great pigmented color and the Ombre version is so pretty.
This Beauty box was so fun and is a great way to test out new products. You can sign up here and a single subscription box is $15 or as low as $12. Also, every item is perfect to travel with! I'm definitely throwing some of these in my bag for Comic Con, can you believe it's around the corner?


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