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Jul 5, 2016

COUNTDOWN TO COMIC CON : Star Trek Mac Cosmetics

How is it already July 5th, 15 days until San Diego Comic Con? I am looking forward to a lot but one thing I hope to get my hands on is something, really anything from the Star Trek Mac collection. This 25 piece collection is releasing early at San Diego Comic Con! It will be available everywhere else later in the year... BUT YOU KNOW HOW I AM. I LOVE Star Trek so I need it now.
The collection is inspired by some of the power females from Star Trek which I will spare you the knowledge I have on them.
As we get closer more and more off site events keep dropping and hinting at details. 
-It looks like the Hello Kitty Cafe will be back at Petco Park! 
-Suicide squad will have a huge offsite PLUS they are rumored to be on Conan day 3. The offsite is 6000 sq feet of the Hard Rock hotel, you can get a VR experience with some of the squad members, AND get a tattoo at Harley Quinn's tattoo parlor.
-CCI Announced a nintendo lounge, in past years I have mentioned the XBOX lounge where you can hang out and play games all day. There are photo ops and giveaways as well.
I am getting so anxious I need to devote all weekend into putting together a  lot of the behind the scenes stuff for the con. I mean, at least most of my outfits are selected? For the milionth time, my most popular question is do I dress up? No. Thats not my thing. I wear shirts for movies or TV shows, or just cool brands I support. I enjoy watching peoples cosplay but thats just not my thing. I am literally a TV addict. 
I am holding out for Donald Glover's new show Atlanta on FX Can they get some con love? 



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