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Jul 6, 2016


How is every one getting back into the swing of things? This week has been pretty productive so far and the work life balance has been on point! I have been crossing a few things off my bucket list, with more to come. 
For the 4th we were able to see some shows from the balcony as well as play with a few sparklers and smoke bombs. Our color ones were lame but this one was plain gray and looked ok for these couple shots. 

We FINALLY went to the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall! I shot a pretty cool look book here and it was pretty perfect in terms of lighting and weather. The sunsets behind the wall so it was golden and not hot. The colors pop in photos so if you haven't swung by and are into mural walls like I am you should stop by! Just don't be like me and try to park across the street but drive all up on a curb >.<! All I heard was a loud scrape hahaha. 
 This photo is my brain on after a long work day.



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