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Jul 27, 2016


Day three was Saturday and again without actual badges but the offsites at Comic Con never disappoint. We headed out to Nerd HQ because they always offer some great photo booths and this year Xbox/Microsoft sponsored all of their gameplay lounges. In a partnership with Johnson & Johnson we took the above photo and it donated $1 to operation smile! There is also an app that you can donate a photo everyday to any participating cause. In theory, if you donate a photo everyday for a year, thats $365 you've donated!
Gears of War 4 isn't out yet but you could play it at nerdHQ. It was gamer competition style but looked like fun. I am not good at video games so I just sat back and watched.
Lots of photobooth fun was had.
After a short lunch break we headed back to Gaslamp for the highly talked about Mr.Robot offsite.
The offsite for Mr. Robot had a replica of Elliott's apartment and the Mr.Robot shop from the series. Inside Elliott's room we got to watch a 12minute VR piece of one of Elliot's memories with his ex girlfriend Shayla. It was really trippy, if you have had a virtual reality headset on before, coupling that with surround sound headphones is enough to make you feel like you are truly in a virtual reality.
At the end of the tour we even got a Mr.Robot Tshirt as well as an F Society mask.
Halloween costume? CHECK!
We ended the day at our favorite SD skate shop.
Every year I purchase a shirt from Bait and this year was no exception. To my surprise when trying to make a selection THE KINJAZ We're there! You might remember them from ABDC or just the fact that they are AMAZING Dancers. Below is a quick video of the Kinjaz and the shop. I love their aesthetic so much.
Couldn't leave with out a pic with Anthony Lee. I purchased the Fire element Tee and Kyle got a dad hat. I also bought some very exclusive pop vinyls that will be shared tomorrow! 



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