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Jul 28, 2016


Comic Con has been its own whirlwind every year, next year we are looking into doing more of the offsites and then tour LA more. Its been fun but its been impossible to top our first time there. We wile keep an eye out for major movies to see what will be worth the struggle next year. We will definitely come back, but not devote as much time to just the con. 

Kyle Vlogged our whole trip! I will link them once he publishes them all. I am bad at vlogging but I make appearances in all of these from the con.

 One thing I forgot to mention that I am obsessed with is Funko pop vinyls. The bait booth was the perfect pickup spot for us and I am treasuring the three below. We have an extra Kobe Pop Vinyl, bidding starts at $35:
POP loot, the one on the far left is a BAIT Custom by Rudy Ramirez AND its signed! Super awesome pickup. Kobe was a given, and the Astroboy is an Asian convention exclusive. 
All in all it was a great experience. I can't wait for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead to come back. Suicide Squad is going to be amazing. I'm sad I didn't go to the premier of Star Trek Beyond! One amazing spoiler was that on the next (and last) season of Bates Motel Rihanna will be playing Marion Crane. Marion is the lady that dies in the infamous shower scene in Psycho! That will be amazing. The cast premier of Black Panther was also an amazing Comic-con exclusive.
So much great movie and TV news!
The only thing that sucks is we have  no clue what AHS is theming this year.

Oh Comic -Con, see you in 2017!

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