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Aug 13, 2016


Houston art blocks is a fun corner of downtown with semi permanent art installations. I had a really cute romper from She + Sky that I wasn't able to use for San Diego (due to the losing my luggage, the story is here) and it was the perfect thing to wear out with some friends to roam downtown. If you get a change head down to main street to see it in person. It's unexpected. 
These photos were take by our friend David from @dtcreative. He's a pretty good photog and we picked the perfect time to roam the city for these. Golden Hour is real. 
I can't believe summer is basically over. How is it the 8th month of the year already? I need to end the year with changes. We have 4 months to make this the rest of this year great. Keep pushing toward your goals this year! Make a list of what makes you happy and what you do everyday... then adjust accordingly. 
If you are headed back to school I have a fun Planner addict post coming up, PLUS I am headed to Belize this week... Expect scheduled posts and tons of great photos when I get back. Until then, Enjoy this great look!


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