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Aug 15, 2016


Some Mondays I need extra motivation. I have been listening to a lot of different messages daily and I wanted to start sharing some on my blog. Today I am sharing one from Eric Thomas  that says its for athletes but has been motivational for me anyway. Sometimes you need a little theme music to conquer the day.

Isn't this graffiti wall amazing? ITS ALL MY 90's ICONS!!! Its on Westheimer by all of the thrift stores. There is a small strip that everyone knows is thrift central with about 5 stores with very great resale finds.  I helped a good friend Bell from Totally Randie film her National Thrift Store day segment. I'll try to share it when she publishes it but it was super fun styling her sisters! 
I get a lot of my wardrobe from thrift stores just because its sustainable and I always find some unique items that aren't a thing that everyone is wearing. I like being able to find cute dresses for events that are basically one of a kind. Now you know my secret!

Hope you have a fabulous week, lets start it by embracing Monday.

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