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Aug 2, 2016


This year's Sneaker Summit was sponsored by Crep and Metro PCS. It was another great gathering of sneaker and street style lovers in Houston! Booths from Bun B, LE$ , Slim Thug, Paul Wall and ZRO really brought the spirit of HTOWN to the summit. I have been to many sneaker conventions and having HTOWN brands like that really sets this one apart. Also, starting off with a Running Man challenge never hurt anyone. 
Can I get one of these LE$ Prints for my home? Maybe more than one....

Every year what I enjoy seeing is the traders area. This year they had a bigger more defined space catered with Monster Energy drinks. The traders quickly outgrew their space but they kept being told to stay within this area. I like seeing everyone trading for the size they wanted or being impressed with what each other has. Everyone is pretty nice to eachother, its a chill and unique atmosphere you need to witness at least once in your life. 
Out side of the traders the booths were full of mostly sellers or people displaying their collections. Totally confused how two booths had multiple pairs of the Pharrell Human Race collabs! Like I can't even get one but they're out here 8 pairs deep. Each size, if you wanted to purchase, ranged from $300-850.  Le Sigh. 
Another huge trend was the Key Master arcade style machine. People were ready to give up $5 a play but man those machines are so rigged, I was at the summit for at least 2 hours and never saw anyone win.

All in all it was a great summit. Larger than the last one I attended and I am glad to see the sneaker culture is still hanging on! Lots of Dunks, NMDS, and Vans were on trend this time around. I saw some Bape stickers that I wanted but the booth took cash only and we all know I never carry cash.
Always a great time with HTSS.

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