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Sep 5, 2016

CURRENT OBSESSION: Nude Lips and How to Find the Perfect Nude.

I am such a season pusher, my nails are already a dark shade of gray and I am thrifting all the best nude, copper and olive green frocks I can find. My go to is typically nude for lips in the winter. My face and lips get very dry when it gets cold out but I have a set Clarins routine to combat that! I'll share my skincare routine later in the month because in actuality its just 88 and humid.

If you're like me and are prepping your closet, check out my tips below to find the perfect nude for your skintone!
Nude lippies

When shopping for nude lip colors there is a lot to choose from! These simple guidelines below will put you in the right direction, there are so many nude shades out there, it's hard to tell which one is the right one!
Opt for more sheer and dusty pink undertones. Yellow undertones will wash you out. (MAC Cream Sheen is a great color!)

Hues with peach or pink undertones are amazing on medium skin. Opt for something slighty darker than your actual complexion, something lighter or the same shade will make you look sick. My go to is MAC Taupe. 

A tawny shade of carmel or taupe work best. Lighter options look like concealer on the lips! REVLON Nude Attitude is an affordable drugstore option.

Chocolate nudes with shimmer complement this skin shade very well. Shimmer will add dimension without making the color look too flat. MAC Siss is a popular one and looks GRAND!

Hope this list helps! I just ordered a ton a colourpop colors for the first time and will be swatching them when they arrive! I have a lip color obsession and my makeup tray is becoming over flowed. I like to see a color on skin before I purchase them because lets be fair, a pale white model swatching lipstick in the demo doesn't help me. Colors will look different on my skin and its hard to find them swatched on darker tones. As I expand my lip color collection I will be sharing them here so I hopefully help with making recommendations!

Are there any colors you want me to try?
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