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Sep 13, 2016


First of all, I recently found out Lioele is Houston closed so I am super sad :/ One of the last times I went and I got this mask for free with my purchase.

 WHO KNEW IT WOULD COME IN HANDY? When I got back from Belize I was pretty dark. My skin was peeling badly and it was super noticeable on my forehead. I was scouring my beauty closet (please don't judge me) for anything super hydrating and I saw this 3 part mask. Normally I feel like this would have been too intense for me but for my peeling face after vacation, it was perfect.

Step one was an anti-aging primer. It acted as a serum before I placed the sheet mask on. You rub it into problem areas but there was so much I ended up just putting it on my whole face. After applying the serum you apply a typical sheet mask. I forgot how long I had to wear it but I just watched TV the whole time, masks are the best thing to do when you are relaxing. After the mask washing your face is not necessary. You can continue to massage extra product into the skin. Step three was applying a night cream. Since I do masks at night the timing wasn't a issue here. I applied the night cream and went to sleep.
I woke up with the smoothest skin and I did not have peeling issues with my forehead anymore. Talk about intense moisturizing! I would definitely buy it again because my face can get pretty dry when it's cold outside but Lioele closed! There is another K beauty store in Houston called The Face Shop that I want to visit, maybe I'll hit that place up and review more K Beauty items!



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