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Oct 15, 2016


This year Fashion X came to Houston to present an amazing 4 days of runways, charity, and local shopping sponsored by Cadillac. I attended night one because I am super busy getting my life together! It was also great to run into a few of the wonderful girls in my community of Bloggers. I am really going to miss going to events with them! It is really unique in a space like blogging to find a group of girls that are willing to support and collaborate with each other. A lot of people are very egotistical about blogging, so I am thankful to have found a group of girls that aren't like that!
Night one consisted of shows from Miles David, Jimmy Burner, SixChel, This is Sloane, Rask, Daniel Esquivel, Sean Kelly and Mysterious by NPN. Daniel Esquivel and Sean Kelly are designers that have been on Project Runway. Local Designers included Miles David (David Peck), Jimmy Burner (OMG he is 17! So talented) and Mysterious by NPN. Nicholas the designer behind Mysterious by NPN also was the Bernina Fashion Fund Award Recipient. He received two awesome sewing machines! I saw him a couple years back at Artopia and he is still as innovative and impressive. 
This is Sloan is a designer from Austin, she debut her first collection at 19. 
Rask was full of really cool denimwear. The designers are two sisters from New York.
THIS WAS EVERYTHING! Mysterious by NPN was so beautiful.  

And thats a wrap! It was a good night of shows and Silver Street was a smart place to have it. Glad I got to attend a one last fashion show before I move :)

I'm also wearing one of my favorite dresses from TOBI! It is the ADRIANA WRAP DRESS. Tobi sent it along with a couple other dresses to share with you all. You are going to DIE when you see the maxu dress.



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