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Oct 17, 2016


My favorite skincare line hands down is Clarins. I am impressed with their science and purpose when it comes to products and have blogged about them many times. My skincare routine has been pretty simple:

1) Wash my face with L'Oreal GO 360 scrub. I love how it comes with a little scrublet! I really only break out if I am super stressed or eat really badly.
2) After washing my face I apply Clarins Double Serum. I apply this by patting the product onto my face with the palms of my hands. I generally don't apply this to my tzone unless I am going to sleep. I concentrate on the rest of my face and my chin and mouth, I get pretty dry there and I'm not sure why. Serum is the strongest product you apply to your face so I apply it first.
3) I apply my favorite Clarins Eye Cream with my middle finger concentrating on the bags under my eyes and my upper lid on the brow bone. I don't have crows feet or anything but I apply it to prevent any.

4) I finish with Day or Night cream depending on if it is day or night. I have talked about both creams in this blog post. These particularly have great features like SPF, anti pollutant, stress flighting, anti aging, etc.

SO WHAT IS MY NEW STEP? YOU GUYS, CLARINS HAS BOOSTERS THAT YOU CAN ADD TO ANYTHING! They suggest, serum, day cream, foundation and mask. I personally either mix with serum or my cream. You just add 2-5 drops into whatever you are mixing and you are good to go.
Repair is great if you have sunburn. I will keep this in the arsenal for future reference. It also helps in extreme climates so intense cold might work well too. Only time will tell. 
Detox is great if you have over indulged in anything bad, if you have been around pollutants or have just eaten bad this is a great way to detox your skin. 

This is the one I use often, Energy boost is great for me. This helps combat late nights, hectic lifestyles, jet lag, and exhaustion. I see this being used a ton my first week in PDX.

So many steps. But so worth it in the end.  I started moisturizing when I turned 21, when I turned about 24 or 25 I started doing this Clarins routine. I have great genes but stress can really age you fast, it doesn't matter what your genes are.

How do you take care of your skin?



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