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Oct 29, 2016

PDX, yes I'm alive.

I made it to PDX last Saturday! So much was building up to this moment and I said once I landed I wanted to hit the ground running, and I did. Two of my friends made the drive from Seattle and quickly took me into town to be a tourist. We went to Voodoo Doughnut (pictured below, and PS they have an ATX location), walked around downtown, skimmed through the Saturday Market, ate Bahn Minh's, and even visited a little Korean Beaty store.
My first day in PDX was actually sunny and I didn't really even need a jacket. 
My first week at work also went pretty good! Noted, I'm onboarding so I haven't gotten into the weeds yet but I really like the company. Living in OR is going to be an adjustment for sure. I thought the phrase "Everything is bigger in Texas" was bullshit, BUT NO, literally everything is bigger in Texas. OR really reminds me of Huntsville, small town vibe, population dense, not a lot of major attractions. It's only been a week so I'll get into a schedule and groove. Maybe I'll discover a bit more that this place can over. It's wayyy to early to tell what it's like. 
My car arrived safely on Tuesday, driving here is like permanently being on 290 BUT THERE ARE NO FEEDER ROADS! And god forbid you get lost, exits are not 1 mile apart. I'm still learning, but its a very easy going atmosphere. Picked up apartment keys and now I'm waiting for the rest of my little tribe to get up here. I miss Kyle and Toshi a lot. I unloaded a few things in the apartment already and ONE its small compared for our HTX digs but that is typical of any property outside of the south, TWO its so quiet and empty. I miss my tasmanian devil toshi bothering me and me getting on Kyles nerves all the time. I have seen 3 shibas since I've been here, one at target!
Our last family photo before I left for the airport. 
I'm glad I have started working to help keep my mind busy. January will be here soon enough and we will be complete again! I will also (after I set up internet/cable) be updating this blog layout a lot as well as all of the menus so that will help me stay busy as well. I'm not sure why in my head this sounded so easy. I am very happy though! Its just different. Thank god everyone is chill and nice. Even my Uber drivers were all sweet. Cold is one thing I need to adjust too. My clarins is saving my life since it is so dry--which to me makes no sense since its always raining.  OMG that too, rain jacket is now a wardrobe staple. Who knew my baby pink rain jacket would be a daily option? Not I. Rain here is not like HTX, its light. Enough to not need an umbrella. HTX rain is a pour, I think I have yet to see that.
Yo, who started reading my blog in 2010 and imagined that in 2016 I would be living in PDX working at adidas? CRAY.



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