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Oct 31, 2016


Right before I moved one of the last packages I got was this amazing air brush systems from Luminess. I have reviewed the Air Supremacy products from them before that are great for travel and on the go touch ups. I just published this great levitation post, but this Luminess Kit is how I created my makeup look. It was super hot outside in true Texas fashion and it stayed and didn't budge.
Luminess carries a large array of items outside of the kits, they have great pigmented shadows as well as makeup tools. The pink blender was used a ton! 
This kit retails for $249.99. It is the perfect compact system for airbrush makeup. It is very user friendly and easy to match to your skin to create the perfect flawless kit. This kit is very light and you can definitely travel with it. If you attend events where you want a quick easy professional looking makeup application this is a great invention. I think it is very quick and easy to use, you just hold the stylus like you would hold a pen. 

1) Prime your face, Luminess makes a great one but you can use your favorite if you want.
2) Really shake the formula you want to apply. Place about 3 drops into the well of the stylus. 
3) I hold the stylus about 3 inches from my face and start to airbrush in a circular motion. This product is build-able and you can go from light coverage to full coverage very easily. Keep your wrist moving to avoid the product from looking patchy!
4) Don't forget to clean the system when you are done!

My absolute favorite thing to airbrush is actually highlighter! I went along my cheek bones, brow bone, and cupids bow. It really gives that dewey look in a way that I can't create with my normal highlighter. Hands down my favorite thing about my new airbrush system

Flawless. I will use this for any event look since the coverage is great for photos! Its super light and pretty small I would not mind packing it or traveling with the kit. 

Thanks for hanging in there while I move my life from HTX to PDX! It hasn't been as easy as I imagined in my mind. Its only been a week but I swear its been a month.


This item was given to me for review. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors, without them, this blog is not possible.

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