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Nov 3, 2016


It's November and I'm almost through 2 weeks in a new town with a new job. Its been a fun life experience so far! Obviously parts of it are challenging but it really helped simplify my life. My career path is very positive and the environment is very team oriented and that is so refreshing. There is a strong theme of really caring about people here. On the flip side, there are a lot of people that were fake friends that really showed true colors as soon as I made it clear I was moving. Very few people truly support me and check up on me. There are people that check on me just so they can gossip, or because they hope its not going well, then there are people that haven't asked or checked in at all. 
As far as my career I am really learning true buying functions and on a really great path in a career that I have wanted to be in since high school. I find the fact that I work at adidas crazy because in High School I wrote a full presentation on Puma and adidas and built a store front for my own shoe store called Art-official (pronounced artificial). We had a major end of year assignment where we literally had to make a shoe box into a store. I took it so serious and I even HAD A CARDBOARD CUTOUT OF KANYE WEST AND PHARRELL SHOPPING inside. This was like almost 10 years ago. I graduated high school in 2008. I can't help but still be happy because I honestly have been chasing these larger than life dreams and had nothing but people tell me I was being unrealistic. When I graduated college many people were like "Oh, its really nice that you pursued fashion." in that condescending voice that really meant "well, good luck with that..." 
I think what I mean by these stories is no matter where you are in your career, whether you're advancing or not... people will continue to doubt you and undercut the strides you make as a person. Beyonce is called ugly and people say she can't sing. There are people that HATE Marc Jacobs and say he is uninspired. There was once a part of me that took criticism personal but this experience has really taught me that these actions speak more about the people talking down to me than me.  I think its being not genuine that bothers me. Actually-- I think I'm bothered by the fact that I'm 26 and still naive. I wish the best for anyone around me because the pie is big enough and the path we are all on is not the same. The path that you are on is for you. No two are the same, but every path teaches you what you need to learn for YOURSELF. I wish people well, but not everyone hopes for the same. At then end of the day, I still wish you well because that is who I am. To anyone that tried to tell me I wouldn't make it, or that it would be REALLY HARD (like Im supposed to be afraid of hard work), or that asks my boyfriend how I am doing but not me: I am doing fine, and I wish you well... and I really mean it because if you really focus yourself, mean wishes can't deter you, ever. 
I didn't take time to write this to jab at anyone, I wrote it for anyone out there that feels discouraged because they feel like what they want to do is farfetched. If you don't want to work hard and take risks, than yes. Your dream will always be farfetched, but the moment you believe in your dreams, and discover your why, there is nothing than can deter you from what everyone says you can't do. The difference is between talking and doing. 

There are people that talk, and people that do... I am very busy doing. Always have been. 


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