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Nov 29, 2016

Can I be @foodwithmichel for a day?

If you don't follow @foodwithmichel you might actually be better off because I find myself scrolling through his page and wanting to eat literally everything. I don't eat out much here (yet anyway!) and I miss Canes and whataburger. This canes photo is life. All of his food photos are. Once I feel more settled I will definitely be taking more food photos of my own.

 This lobster looks great. I think I miss gulf seafood. At trader joes here they have gulf coast shrimp. I haven't bought it yet but I definitely have it on my list. So much needs to be eaten when I get back home for Christmas.
 YOU GUYS, my two favorite desserts, flan and ube. I think if I ever tasted this I would never want to eat anything else ever again.
In San Diego I spent a lot of the time with an upset stomach but I did have a bite of a sushi burrito that Kyle ordered off Postmates one night. It was a like this but the inside was fajita meat and something else.

Here is to venturing through PDX and taking epic food photos too. I really can't wait for Kyle and Toshi to be here. Until then it's going to be pretty lonely and boring.


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