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Nov 27, 2016


I took my first Seattle roadtrip on Thursday in hopes of shaking my relocation depression with good friends. It was great to spend a night in SEA and I must say I need to go back during the day to experience Pike Place and everything else. I love how Seattle is bigger than PORTLAND, I think if I lived there I would be coping better! Ok, I immediately take that back, the streets are incredibly steep. I was like Jesus take the wheel. 
Of course it was raining the whole time, I think we got the bad end of the Pacific Coast! I wish we had LA weather. Alas, cold and rainy thanksgiving it was! It wasn't bad.
There is a gross place under Pike Place called the gum wall. For one time in my life I wasn't chewing gum, I would have definitely contributed if I was. The Gum Wall was cleaned one time in 2015 and it took 103 hrs. Workers removed 2,305 lbs of gum! They wanted to prevent further erosion to the bricks from the sugar in the gum but its been one year and it looks like no one cares.  In the photo above you can't see it but the walls are caked with gum.
Pike place is also the home of the original Starbucks, it has the OG logos and its a really cool glimspe at this brand. I hear during the day its just a tourist trap, you will be waiting in line for over an hour. To buy location specific merchandise you still have to wait in the line too. Comic Con has prepped me well, we might do it one day. 

But man the streets are so steep! SO scary to drive on. 

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