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Nov 16, 2016


I Basically just posted my pinterest board of home decor inspiration that I am obsessed with at the moment. Since I moved, I'm sleeping on an air mattress. My BF won't be moving with the rest of my fabulous furniture until a couple months so I am living in an empty shell of an apartment. I basically had one weekend to pick a place so I didn't really make the absolute best decision but the apartment itself is very nice and I'm actually transferring to a 3BDR with a RM soon. The transfer was primarily to save more money but also to have a smidge more space. Apartments in ... well anywhere other than the south are realllly smmalll. I think the 3BDR is only 1200 sqft. Kyle and I had almost 1400 in our 2 bdr. I REALLY MISS my HTX apartment but a house is not a home. Its an apartment, its not like I own it. I am really into the idea of living in the city next year but I need to edit my belongings down... its really hard to move my shell on my back. I love the view in the room above. I already have issues peeling myself out of bed, this is a definite work from home bed room. 
Shades of Gray 
Shelves with great curated themes on them
I go back and forth when it comes to pillows but I loveee these pillows
Mirrored Furniture which I already own but want to add to
I know I'm moving again next year... I think I move too much to really get committed to decor or stuff. We will see how this goes. More updates to come as we slowly put things together!

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