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Dec 16, 2016

BLOGMAS| Birthday Schmerthday

So my birthday was Wednesday but I clearly had not to many reasons to look forward to it since I'm alone and somewhere new. It was basically just another day. 
I left around noon because snow day part 2 happened! So, allegedly, it never snows here... so people don't believe snow unless they see it. Well, I don't play that shit because I'm from Texas and according to my iPhone snow was happening at 1, so I wanted to be settled in before then. I got home in about 30 minutes past 12. Once I was pulling into my complex it was starting to come down. I just watched the news unfolding about people being stuck, having to abandon their cars, having to put on snow chains, and people just being in their car at least 3 hours to move less than 10 miles. 
Happy birthday to me, my present was missing out on that mess! Yes lawd.
Unfortunately I have been stuck indoors since then. So I am in a little bit of a slump. I hate being at home, its much more worthwhile if Toshi is around bc that means he can be outside too! But its just me... so I hate it. I at least will be traveling to Houston next week for the holidays so that will be a great pick me up. What am I going to do when I don't have a Houston trip to look forward to? At least Kyle and Toshi will be up here... this is becoming a bit more of a struggle than I imagined.
I think its the weather. Ya girl apparently doesn't like snow.
But anyway, Happy birthday to me. Last year I said I wanted to grow beyond my comfort zone. Well, I'm uncomfortable that's for sure. Beyond your comfort zone is where you learn. Calm seas never made a skillful sailor.
So, 27, what's good?


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