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Dec 17, 2016


In my spare time I watch a lot of TV and Movies... yes that is what my life has come to. I have been on a little Christmas kick because 'Tis the Season and also, I'm not really feeling it this year. I just want to be in Houston but I don't even want any gifts. I just want to be somewhere warm. White Christmas is overrated. Unless you actually work from home, its for the birds. I might also be stubborn because I don't even want to learn how to drive on ice/ put on tire chains. No thank you. I'll learn how to take public transit before that. Can you tell being stuck at home has made me grumpy? I can't wait to be able to walk outside without slipping.
Anyway-- My top 3 Christmas movies that I recommend making popcorn, eating junkfood, and wearing pajamas for.

1) ELF
Will Ferrell is so funny in this movie. I have seen it probably 100 times but it makes me laugh every time I see it. The story is really cute and its a more modern film. Its already seemingly classic but honestly isn't an older movie. 

The Grinch is my spirit animal. 

Home Alone is a true Christmas classic. I mean all the pranks, what did his parents even do to afford that house, and I still can't believe they left completely on vacation and forgot an entire child. They those parents that work all the time that honestly shouldn't even have kids. Like, weekend parents. Either way, his antics are really funny and make for a great Christmas movie.



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