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Dec 4, 2016


I was going to do 12 day's of Christmas but I think it will be more fun to do Blogmas. I'm challenging myself to blog everyday until Christmas! A lot of youtubers are doing vlogmas and I am not about that life, so this is the next best thing.

Most of the vlogs are pretty pointless and day recaps so I don't expect my blogs to be that far off from that. 
1) It means it's also my birth-month. This year I really don't care about my birthday this year because I'm not home and I don't have friends here soooooo that eliminates any real celebrations haha. But regardless, it's still my birth month.

2) It's the appropriate time to enjoy hot chocolate and tea! I mean anyday is, great to enjoy those, but the holidays is where I go crazy. I can't wait to share some of our crazy hot chocolate recipes.

3) CHRISTMAS MOVIES! First on the roster: Elf. I will have another post during Vlogmas on what to watch this holiday break.

4) Holiday Sales. You all know I'm super cheap and refuse to buy anything full price. When I can catch extra deals on things I wanted anyway I am so happy. I mean... and then finding things for other people too :)

5) Christmas Decorations! Again, this is something I'm not participating in this year (many reasons, being in Texas for Christmas is one) but I love holiday candles, putting up a tree, wrapping presents and spreading Christmas Vibes.

What do you love about the holidays?


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