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Dec 6, 2016

BLOGMAS| Holiday Nails

I miss Dripped Nails so much! In Portland we have a localshop called Fingerbang . Appointments are not something you can typically get on a whim, these girls are fabulous and booked!
For Christmas Nails I go for three options:

1) All Glitter. -I love all glitter because it can carry over to New Years fairly easy. Ya girl is cheap, so I don't feel like I'm stuck in Christmas Vibes when celebrating the new year, its a win.
2) Deep red or military green. -Both are modern Christmas colors and don't scream super themy. Its Christmas Chic.
3)Christmas Motifs. One year I did snowflakes, candy cane stripes, and green and red glitter. If you are going to do a quick polish change inbetween holidays, going for an all out holiday motif is great!
*) Prints. -I included this awesome plaid because I have never seen this done before and I love it.


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