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Dec 8, 2016


You guys, I was played. I was told it never snows in Portland, maybe one day a year. I'm bad at blogmas. I've been sick and this snow day threw a wrench in my day. Yesterday was a fun work day and I was ready to send a million follow up emails, but instead... they're in my drafts because I left business cards at work of course. Other than that, I'm still a little sick. Sniffles and random headaches. PDX HAS NO CHILL AND ALL THE CHILL AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.
Welp, we are definitely not in Texas anymore. This experience also let me know I need to make a snow survival kit. Not like I'm snowed in or anything, but my southern ass is not about to drive on icy streets. Is it rude to order a pizza in the snow? I don't know how that works, and I still don't quite know what tire chains are. Either way, my time is PDX has definitely pushed me to some limits I thought I had. Limits are nothing and if anything I have not died yet. It's been kind of fun discovering new things. Cheers to real snow, thanks for making my workweek stressful.


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