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Dec 11, 2016

BLOGMAS| Clarins is Saving My Life

With the change in overall environment an overall skincare routine is something I need to get back into. I am out of double serum but I have some on order. I mention my Clarins love all the time but now more than ever it is an important apart of my daily routine. Even though it rains all the time I spend a lot of time feeling dry. Its also pretty cold so there are multiple things I use to make sure I stay looking dewy and moisturized.
Clarins Winter Must haves

Things I love:
1 and 2) are my multi active day and night creams. They both work overtime in their own rights. The night cream is perfectly moisturizing, the day cream us UV and anti pollutant properties. They help balance my face from my long days.
3) My new favorite Youtuber Charles Gross also loves this product! Its the Clarins lip oil in honey. You guessed it, with how cold and dry it is my lips are not happy! I generally wear an all day wear matte lippie in the day time, so at night I intensely moisturize my lips with this. Charles mentioned the applicator in his video and how big it is and he loves it. It is large to mimic a fingertip, because thats the easiest way to apply product on the lips.
4)Clarins Blush, I rave about this so much. Since there is basically no sun here, this is really helping bring some dimension to my ever paling face.
5)My booster serums! I mentioned them in this post before. I have been leaning on energy in the morning, at night sometimes I do repair or detox, it really depends on how the day went.

PHEW. Y'all winter ain't easy.


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