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Dec 31, 2016


Oh 2016, you were simultaneously one of the worst years ever and one of the best years ever. I always say good times don't last, and neither do bad. Everything is finite. In January I was excited to go on my first media trip ever to experience the 2017 Hyundai Elantra. In January I was told that due to space reconfiguring I was going to be sitting in a hallway. I had been at my job for almost 4 years, and I was repeatedly being told I was in a more "senior role." I was always told I was doing great, but the way people talked down to me, treated me, and paid me were the obvious opposite. I think I hated the way I was talked down to the most. I worked really hard, and I love and definitely miss my life in Houston, I prayed really hard for the perfect opportunity for a better career. I wasn't sure where I would end up. Portland, Oregon was in no way on my radar.
Sitting in a hallway, which seems so small, was honestly what sign in my life I needed to make a change. I had wondered how upper management thought of me, and that was honestly my answer. I cared about building a career with management who cared nothing of me. In business, if performance was bad, there is no hesitation is cutting a vendor, or employee. This taught me to think of myself as the same. Do not hesitate to take your talent to a bigger pond, a more knowledgeable team, a culture that is geared to help you perform. If your total compensation isn't enough to help you live, don't feel bad about going where you can get that life. I feel bad that I never shared what I was going through on here because as soon as I announced my departure many people reached out saying they felt the same but were discouraged in looking for a new opportunity. This January I am sharing a job guide with tips and things that helped me along the way. It was a long process, I didn't start working in PDX until October... it took time.
Between January and now December I am now at a great job working for one of my favorite brands, I am actually learning how to be a buyer, and I'm honestly so excited to come to work every day. Portland is very cold though, and I am adjusting to the "city" vibes here. It's not as diverse or as up to date as Houston is. It truly feels like a small town. It's basically the total opposite of what I have grown up with! Lots of bridges, things are spaced out, basically no walmart supercenters, no super tagets, super cold, many hills, and parking lots are so rare.  Oh, you aren't allowed to pump your own gas it's illegal. So much new. I kind of feel like I am in college again... but if you can remember... that is when my blog was the most creative. I had to make a way for myself. In 2017 that is what I am looking forward to. Nothing great comes easy. Calm seas do not make a skillful sailor. I know this year isn't going to be easy, but I am ready to take it on. I think one of the best things about this year and developing the heart of  a Lion.

I'll talk about 2017 goals in 2018.



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