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Jan 1, 2017


It's 2017! It really felt like 2016 was such a long year but it honestly feels like it went by quick. 
In JAN16 I set a few goals on a vision board and boy did I over deliver on some of them. "Next job" was on there but I had no clue that meant moving to PDX. It will be a year of adjustments for sure and learning/ trying more new things. I definitely am having this experience for a reason so I am trying to make the most of every day. 
With all of this reflection I have been doing, what is the best thing to do to plan for the next year?
1) Always start with reflection! Find out what you did that made you happy, and focus on a way on growing that! Find out what makes you unhappy and find a way to change that!
2) Find your why. Make a vision for yourself. Once you know what direction you want to be in you will be able to build steps on how to get there. 
3) Make Goals. These goals need to be measurable! Don't just say "save money." The goal could be, "Put $200 a month in savings account."
4) HUSTLE! Life is short. Don't stress about if it doesn't work out, what if it does work and is the best thing ever? If it doesn't work, you tried it and now you know the right direction for you. Life is a journey so don't spend it in a box. 
It's really fun crossing off things on your goal list at the end of the year and there is nothing wrong with making new goals as you go either!

Let's try to make the best of this year no matter how weird 2016 was.


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