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Jan 22, 2017

How I Style My North Face Jackets

This time last week I was snowed in and miserable! This weekend was beautiful and sunny. I went to the gym and ran a few errands. On my way home I was going to wash my car but it started sprinkling -_- Everywhere I go, errands, work, whatever, I have leaned on these two jackets quite a bit and I got them both for Christmas! I have a few others in my rotation but with this snow and wind, and days that its about 24 degrees outside, my North Face parka gets a lot of attention. It is so crazy getting into this weather but my body hasn't failed me in it yet. On days where its not going to rain and its over 40 degrees my who is this whoisthis collab is my favorite pop of sunshine. The eye motif is my favorite thing and the fact this jacket is covered in eyes was a no brainer on my Christmas list.
I have learned to depend on a good down jacket that is also water resistant. The Parka has gotten so much attention from me lately because its not only warm but it has great deep pockets and the perfect hood that stays in place. It doesn't really move  if its windy! I am able to dress extremely casual at my job so below are outfits very similar to things I have worn before to work. I am so excited that my tri-color NMDs are in the mail on the way to me (pictured bottom right)!

How I wear my Northface Jackets

Michael Kors sleeveless turtleneck
$485 - net-a-porter.com

The north face coat

Adidas jacket

Joe s

The North Face clothing

River Island ripped jeans

Adidas Originals sneaker
$160 - italist.com

Kate spade purse
$435 - neimanmarcus.com


When I used to think of North Face the first thing that popped into my mind was a basic bitch. You know, the black 1/4 zip, or full zip, with uggs and leggings as pants. I was put off by the brand that I never looked into what real jackets they offered. I mean, in the head I will never buy a 1/4 zip from there still! But these two are so worth it.
Its Funny how cold I used to think 50 degrees was but today after leaving the gym I didn't really need a jacket. How spoiled is everyone in the south?! Layering has been my major key, and keeping pops of color in my wardrobe really helps me when the sun doesn't make an appearance. Rain is something I am kind of used to because Houston is technically a swamp/wetland area but PDX rain is a little different. Its really light, I have never used an umbrella here, just stuck to a rain jacket with a hood. But the rain just goes on, it gets gloomy and I just get sad. Even on days its not raining there is a little gloom. I heard the summers here are REALLY nice... so lets see. It's cool having 4 seasons.


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