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Jan 28, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up| Its only been a week

It's only been a week since Donald Trump became president but it has had my mood way down. I hate logging into facebook and twitter. I want to be informed but the things that are happening make me mad and sad. Sorry I took a little break but getting on the internet wasn't fun for a moment. It still is rough but my blog should be an escape from that.  Besides all of that political nonsense this week was low-key... received a few shoe pick ups and more:
1) Kim Chi has become a staple in my life. I basically polished off this jar in a week. As it states, it is a great probiotic for your stomach! I like it to add it to rice and a protein. Its actually not that spicy to me but sooo good. This brand is not fishy which is great but it definitely smells gross if you throw away any left overs.

2)New Pickups:  NMD Tricolor and all white EQT! NMD is my favorite adidas model in general but the EQT is super comfy. I might has messed up buy grabbing all white but they are sooo good.

3) My friend Mandy went to Paris a few months ago and brought this back and I only had a tiny bite but it was sooo good. Milk chocolate and oreos, how can you go wrong? Well at Fred Meyer I found it stateside and DIED. SOOOO HAPPY. I don't know where you might find it but Fred Meyer is like Kroger so those two stores are ones to check.

4) In continuing my IHAVENOONETOTAKEMYPHOTOS struggle, I snapped this while roaming the employee store on Friday.

Thank god I will be completing all of my shoots when I am in Houston next week.
Besides that, I WILL BE IN NEW YORK FOR A WORK TRIP DURING NYFW. That should be interesting!


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