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Feb 28, 2017


My whole experience in Portland has really been a bit of a whirlwind. I have been battling winter, trying to to get sick like literally everyone else (not an exaggeration), and with my back to back traveling I had one magic item packed that saved my life.
I review a lot of items and when it comes to beauty this the Body Shop was not in my daily rotation. The oils of life eye cream-gel is something I now swear by and have placed into my already 5 step beauty regimen. I always say I was born with bags under my eyes. When I am really tired they get bigger and darker, and when I am very very tired or sad, they get really puffy. The texture of this product is literally a gel-cream and doesn't leave a thick residue when it dries. I slathered this on every morning when I was in NY and it noticeably made me look more awake.

I am making strides to be healthy but it really is more difficult to transition than I thought it would be. There have been many twists since I have been here from moving, getting rear ended, gaining weight (even though I eat mostly healthier than before), and much more. If this was all happening a year ago I would be super depressed about it all, but I am still in pretty good spirits (for now). Taking care of you skin is so important in these times, it is so easy for everyone to tell you look worn if you do nothing to fight it!

Another item I have never tried before is this Liquid peel. I was a little adamant at first but I think it is really interesting. I use my Drops of Youth Liquid Peel about every 4 days just because it is a skin peel and would be too abrasive to wear everyday. You basically apply it to your skin and just start rubbing it until it leaves these gross clumps of dead skin in your hands. You really only need about a pump for your whole face so this product does a long way! I have been using it about 2 weeks and can definitely tell a difference in my skin.

The Body Shop is hitting it out the park AGAIN with these new skincare products. When I was younger I would walk by the Body Shop only because it smelled SOOO GOOD. You could smell it from many stores down, I always thought it was expensive but now that I am older and can see how long the products last and the quality ingredients in them, I really recommend them. If you are in the market for a new eye cream or peel these are reasonably priced and are made with quality concentrated ingredients that worked very well for me.



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