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Feb 25, 2017

Weekend Doge| Glassesshop Review

I have a slight obsession with readers. I don't wear glasses so I use them as a fun accessory every now and then. When Glassesshop.com reached out to review a pair of frames I got really excited and picked this simple tortoise shell style with metal arms. This pair comes in 4 colors so if you aren't feeling the tortoise you have options here, as well as the many frames on their website. They go with everything including my Doge Toshi. I actually wore them to the Maxim party when I was in Houston and left them there! Luckily my pup is very photogenic and stepped in to help collaborate with me. A true family affair. 
How do you even find the best glasses for your face? Here is a quick guide on how to pick the perfect pair depending on your face shape:

Wear round or oval shaped lenses.
Darker frames look better as well. 

You are lucky, almost any style looks great on your face!
Just focus on accentuating your facial curves.

Oval and round shaped lenses look best. 
Go for a lighter frame here to balance a narrow chin.

Go for a square or angular lens.

Hope that helps as a small guideline!
I miss this little pup, but OMG he looks amazing. Shout out to Kyle for taking these photos as well.

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