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Feb 1, 2017

Hello February, OMG its Superbowl Weekend.

Can you believe its already February? I know I can't. It's sSuperbowl weekend and I am headed to Houston this Friday... well, fingers crossed Portland lets me escape:
My flight leaves Friday night but lawwwddddd.
Can we just talk about Winter here in the Pacific NW?

I'm sorry, there is an award for the MOST winter fatigued place? This is an award I am not interested in winning, and I love awards. Like this chart below was a chart of all of the days I hated my life and staying at home. 

I AM SO TIRED. Like these storms even have names too! Everyone says this is so unusual but I just want to be in 75 degree weather and eat crawfish this weekend. Can PDX just let me be great?



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